Tom Nichols responds to Bret Stephens with an incredible Twitter thread

Bret Stephens wrote an obnoxious column, to which I will not link.

I have given you his picture.

Tom Nichols, the author of The Death of Expertise, a professor at the Naval War College, and a frequent contributor on MS-NBC, felt drawn to do a Twitter thread in response to the argument put forth by Stephens.  It is something I think should be read by everyone here.

He has quite the Twitter following with over 400K followers. He posts as @RadioFreeTom.

Nichols was a conservative national security type. He is strongly opposed to Trump.

Some of what he has to say may not sit well with all here, but it is a fairly thorough dismantling of the “both sides” approach of some in the media.

Thread Reader did an unroll of the Twitter thread, and that is what I have posted beneath the fold.


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