President Joe Biden’s original goal of 100 million Covid vaccinations in 100 days was exceeded last month leading him to call for 200 million in 100 days. Today is the day we reach that goal, eight days early. This is Biden’s second huge win after the passage of the Covid Relief Bill whose funding help make the rapid pace of vaccinations possible

As of yesterday, the CDC reports 218.9 vaccinations have been administered since December 10. We had to reach 220.1 million to reach Biden’s goal since 20.1 million occurred before January 20.  The US should be at 222 million as of today. Among adult Americans, 52% have received at least one jab while 40.9% of the total US population has the same status. Looking at US residents over 65 years, 80.7% having taken at least one shot in the arm.

It is too soon to celebrate since nearly 60% of Americans are still unvaccinated even as Covid infections are increasing. The truly hard part may be getting reluctant arms to the vaccination centers. Wednesday’s vaccination number of 3 million is half a million less than one week previously.…

Some mass-vaccination sites are even shutting down because of dwindling demand, Forbes reported. These included three sites in Florida that were operating at less than half capacity and would be shut down in favor of mobile sites, per The Palm Beach Post.

Officials are also closing down sites in Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, among other states, and a planned mass-vaccine clinic in Ohio was canceled this week because of “decreased demand,” Forbes reported.

Buffalo Bills to Require Vaccinations…

Fans attending Buffalo Bills games this upcoming NFL season will have to show proof they've been vaccinated for Covid-19 using New York's Excelsior Pass vaccine passport system—a phone app where users can upload proof of vaccinations—making the Bills the first team to enact such a policy as the NFL eyes a return to full capacity for games this fall.

International Vaccine Tourism May Take Off…

Texas has apparently become a particularly popular destination for vaccine tourists, likely because the state doesn’t require proof of residency for receiving a vaccination. University Health in San Antonio—where María received her vaccination—now allows patients to register for their jabs with a Canadian or Mexican address. With U.S. customs, Maria advises people to be truthful about their motives for their trip, saying, “The problem is when you lie and tell them, ‘I’m not here for a vaccination.’”…

Mexico’s vaccination campaign only arrived in Square’s hometown last week. Lines of seniors formed 24 hours in advance he said and the line of cars for the drive-through vaccines, he said, “was the longest I’ve ever seen.”

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Bloomberg’s Vaccination Tracker…


Delivered Total Shots 1st Shot  (% of Pop) Fully Vac. (% of Pop)
4/21 Wed 282,183,915 218,947,643


135,791,031 (40.9%)


4/20 Tue 277,938,875 215,951,909


134,445,595 (40.5%)


4/19 Mon 272,030,795 213,388,238


133,266,995 (40.1%)


4/18 Sun 264,505,725 211,581,309


132,321,628 (39.9%)


4/17 Sat 264,505,725 209,406,814


131,247,546  (39.5%)


4/16 Fri 264,499,715




128,320,620  (39%)


4/15 Thu 258,502,815 202,282,923


127,743,096 (38.5)


4/14 Wed 255,400,665 198,317,040


125,822,868  (37.9%)


4/13 Tue 250,998,265 194,791,836


123,917,385  (37.3%)






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  • April 22, 2021