Today I voted for Biden and Harris in VA

which opened early in-person voting today. Unlike previous years, you do NOT have to fill out a form and give an excuse of why you cannot vote on election day.

I was in Arlington County (which is heavily Dem —  Biden will easily carry more than 70% of the vote).  Rather than having to go up to the 3rd floor to the Registrar’s office to check in, then to a nearby small office to vote, as in the past, the site was on the ground level, with two open doors (and a high ceiling) with the waiting line outside.  In the past there might be three machines to vote. We are using paper ballots which you mark and put into a scanner.   There were two scanners.  There were well over a dozen booth in which to fill out your ballots.  There was a bit of a line when I got there at 9, but the wait to get in was only 12 minutes, everyone was wearing masks, and the sidewalk was marked for social distances.  I was inside for just over 4 minutes to show my id, have my address verified, get my ballot, fill it out, cast it, and leave.

I am quite confident that Virginia will go for Biden-Harris and reelect Mark Warner to the Senate.

Peace. Our Congressman Don Beyer will easily be reelected.

The only real issue is whether the proposal for a non-partisan approach to redistricting passes.  It has flaws, but a lot of people I respect are urging its passage.