To Republicans: Live by the Subpeona, Die by the Subpeona.

Mr. Bothsiderist — Chuck “Not My Job to Be a Referee” Todd – and several other talking heads have bemoaned the fact of the lack of “bipartisanship” by Democrats during the upcoming House hearings, but yesterday, the Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform proved that they cannot be allowed to play by the old rules for issuing subpeonas.  Before 2015, there was a rule that House committees had  “long-standing requirements that the chairmen either consult or get consent from the minority party before issuing subpoenas for testimony and documents or hold a majority vote.”  Then, the House Republicans in 2015 did the following:

Democratic lawmakers are harshly criticizing House Republicans for altering committee rules governing how chairmen can subpoena witnesses and documents.

In a letter shared with POLITICO, the Democrats slams the GOP conference for changing rules on a number of House committees to make it easier for Republicans to subpoena witnesses without consultation or approval from minority lawmakers – an effort that came as Republicans are preparing aggressive oversight efforts for President Barack Obama’s final two years in office.


One of those committees effected by the change was the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Now, Mr. Bothsiderist and others dummies have pushed the line that Democrats will “overreach.”  To placate Republicans, Democrats should play nice and go back to the old rules.  Mr. Bothsiderist displays the memory of a person in the final stage of dementia.  But to refresh his bad memory, here is ranking minority member Congressman Jim Jordan to remind us of what would happen if he had say over who got subpeoned by this House committe:


Well, Cohen wouldn’t be sitting there for sure if it was up to Jim Jordan.  And we know who would be there instead:  Bill and Hillary Clinton.  And if that wasn’t enough, Jordan raged that former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein needed to be called to answer questions for trying to get evidence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Everyone is rightfully pointing out that 1) Republicans did nothing for two years on oversight of Trump and 2) they did a shitty job of defending Trump yesterday.  But Democrats and others need to push back on Villager stupidity that Republicans will ever take their constitutional duties seriously.  They just proved it AGAIN.  

Republicans gave the Democrats subpeona power, and Democrats need to use it.  Democrats should play by rules the Republicans left for them.