To Every Kossack…Are you angry about today? Go to you state candidates and Rock the Vote !

Hey you communists, libtards, snowflakes and now included outside the democratic party..The NEVER trumpers./s..OTHERWISE KNOWN AS HUMAN SCUM.  We need to unify regardless what they do or call us.  We can get mad, too.  We can do it by visiting our local candidates and Donate, GOTV, and talk how the Democratic party is the Party of We the People.   We can do some major damage to them with fundraising and Rocking the vote on a 50 state strategy.  If it is just 3 dollars, it makes a difference….Get mad.   empty the piggy bank and  support every local, state and national dem with funds to help win AND most important, volunteer, write postcards and do it.  Do it as if you are fighting for your lives because …GUESS WHAT?  YOU ARE.

  We are the people abiding by the constitution and we are not libtards, snowflakes and communists.  We are Americans with a vote that we will make count.   YOU republican riot mongers are about to feel the wrath.

Check here and get any info on dem candidates in your area.…

Rock the Vote.

You can check on every candidate written here and check the above site.

Just how angry are you?  YOU CAN DO SOMETHING.