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To Criticize Or Not To Criticize Fellow Democrats?


To criticize or not to criticize?  That is the question.  Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of those on Daily Kos…

What a minute?  Hamlet works on the stage, but it usually bombs when it comes to Democratic politics.  Anyone who has some years on them knows that Democratic primaries are usually messy.  And supporters of one candidate versus another have been throwing verbal punches at each other since before I was born.

But these are not normal times.  We have Trump who is actively demolishing democracy.  Therefore, we should unite and focus on the real enemy of Trump.  That’s what I have been reading in diaries and the comments section on Daily Kos.  And we should be mindful not to throw shade at our fellow Democratic candidates.  Trump will use that as ammo next year.  And it is implied by more than a few that we should knock off picking nits with the current front runner.

It. Is. Still. The. Democratic. Primary. Season.

No one has been chosen.  No votes have been cast.  The only winnowing of the field is the usual one of organizing and getting enough money to create a campaign organization.  The only difference is that the DNC has decided to have some criteria for making the cut for the debates that they are running.

And you know what else?  Some of the Democratic candidates didn’t get the memo to not trash their fellow Democrats.  I can rattle off some names of Democratic candidates who have called other candidates policies “fairy tale economics” and have used Republican talking points to attack other Democrats.  They don’t seem to be afraid or care that Trump will use their sound bites to attack the eventual nominee.

Speaking of the orange ape, he doesn’t need to use anything negative that Democrats or their supporters say about the eventual nominee.  Trump will simply lie like a cheap fucking rug and make shit up.  It’s what to be expected from a pathological liar.

I’ll vote for the eventually for the nominee.  Yes, any of Democrats will be better than Trump.  But that is not a high bar.  I would prefer to have a candidate whose policies I agree with, not someone who has the mythical “electibility” magic.  

I’ve seen electible candidates go on to lose plenty of times.

And until the nominee wins the primaries, I will speak my mind.  Last time I checked, no candidate is perfect, and if we treat them like glass, they end up being shattered by Trump.  Better to find out now which ones do not have the super tough hide to take on Trump and cannot take the heat of a primary.