To Ann Coulter: When Washington Examiner Has Headline That You Were “Outsmarted By A Turd”…

You have so totally lost.  For those of you not keeping up with the anorexic sewer system that is Ann Coulter, it seems that Ms. Fascist Political Bomb Thrower is not up to her job, which is at least keeping up with who’s who in D.C.  It all started with a smart ass comment on Twitter against Tulsi Gabbard from a proud MAGA supporter called Catturd:


Now, I suppose Catturd was flinging shit at right wing crazies who are supporting Tulsi Gabbard.  And who am I to get in the way of any MAGA fan who is attacking right wingers that love them some Gabbard?  And guess who took offense at used cat litter being thrown her way?


Wow.  So by dint of capitalizing SENATOR in a Tweet, Coulter has elavated Tulsi Gabbard to the U.S. Senate.  And it appears that some Coulter followers took to bashing Catturd for his “error.”  You can go on Twitter and see the host of others who told Catturd that Gabbard was a U.S. Senator.

Well, our MAGA loving Catturd had himself a field day with this attention.  He got noticed by Newsweek and some other outlets like the Washington Examiner.  This is the headline from the Washington Examiner:

'Outsmarted by a turd': Ann Coulter calls Tulsi Gabbard 'Senator'

And what was Coulter’s reaction to being called out by Catturd?  Was she humble?  Uh, no. She’s a Republican, soooooo…


Never back down Ann!

This reminds me of the Iran-Iraq War back in the 80’s.  

Anyway, it was just more than a little funny that some crazed Trump worshipper was able to humiliate Ann Coulter.  And he got one of the right wing “news” outlets to take his side in the bargain.