Title IV-E provided by Clinton. Is the SC nominee receiving free medicaid for her adopted children

I highly approve of Title IV-E Adoption Assistance that insured more adoptions for children.  Now under this act one has to qualify but wealth is not a disqualifier for free healthcare to these adopted children.

The nominee for the Supreme Court has adopted children, both of which qualify for Adoption Assistance which quarantees free healthcare under Medicaid until and beyond the age in special needs cases to the age of majority.

While this nominee is wanting to take away free healthcare, I want to know and hope a senator asks, “ Are you receiving adoption assistance which includes free healthcare for your adopted children”?  This includes Medicaid, a monthly stepid for each adoptive child, and free respite, camp, and childcare.    Not everyone qualifies for this assistance and many do not even know about it but you can bet she does.   Average families including grandparents adopt their grandkids and do not qualify for this assistance.   It is a great aid to families who want to keep children safe but too many get this assistance that do not need it financially because no matter your wealth, you can get it if you qualify and she qualified.  Special needs children, sibling groups of 3 or more , Special needs , or a minority child falls under qualification.

How do I know about this?  I adopted 4 of my grandchildren.  Three qualified for adoption assistance.  Our latest one was never in state care, did not have a special needs and was not a minoroty.  We needed the help but we did not qualify but still adopted the last child who was a sibling of the other three to keep her safe and we paid for her health care.   You cannot apply for it after an adoption is final.  She adopted a child of color, and a special needs child.  She qualifed.  She is of wealthy means but that does not disqualify her for free healthcare and a stepid and free childcare.   I want someone to ask her if she is enjoying a much needed aid for regular adoptive parents while trying to take away healthcare from other parents under the ACA.

Here is the law enacted in 1997 and I had to dig for that law in the year 2000 to keep my grandchildren safe from drugs and abandoment.  No one in the Department of Family and Children services told me about it.   We were retired and on a fixed income and I had to really look for that law.   When my kids got Title 4 E Adoption assistance each child got 400.00 a month plus medicaid and after the adoption fortunately we had it because one child was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and the other upon adoption has a cleft pallet and a hearing loss which required many surgeries.   The third was blessed but was in foster care as the other 2 at the same time.  They were not minorities but they qualified under state care and a group of 3 siblings.   Several years later a 4th baby was born again under another biological father as the 3rd child in a home of drugs and the child was abandoned at my home.  We fought for years for full custody of this baby and the legal father, my son turned custody over to us and he and the mother had not lived together for years and years but they were still legally married.   He signed papers over to us and the rest was fought in court at our expense.  We did not want this child left here and there and surrounded by meth in different locations and eventually abandoned in our home to be brought up this way and we needed the extra assistance.  I do not believe this nominee needs this help. She qualifies.

I want a senator in this confirmation hearing ask her if she is getting medicaid and assistance for these adoptive children while denying other children the right to free healthcare under Obamacare.  I have not seen this come up.  It is truly hypocrisy if she is receiving these benefits.

Here is the law that helps many and wonder just how far the hypocrisy goes with this nominee.  Let me be clear.  I appreciate the Title 4E Adoptions Act.   I want it to stand.   I do not want a supreme court nominee getting medicaid under an act while she has expressed her hypocritical views on the ACA.  Sick children and adults rely on the ACA.   


Thanks for listening.

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