Timing is Everything. To my surprise I agree with everything Biden is trying to do.

As many here know I am a Democratic Socialist and a long time Bernie supporter.

I listened to Biden today and was impressed as he sounded like a democrat of old, i.e. what present day republicans would term as a screaming raving socialist. I was happy with my vote for him.

Good paying jobs and unions, you betcha, because they always go hand in hand.

Stopping feathering the nest of the hyper-rich and equitably distribute the wealth of the nation, since it is after all, still the wealthiest nation on earth.

Once you have this set in motion then you have the rest of the “wish list”.

If you manage to demonstrate to the vast majority of Americans that your vote made their life better, then you force the obstructionist GQP in congress to an untenable position.

Then you can start with real bipartisanship, because if they continue with pure obstruction then they will be finished as far as the federal government is concerned. The GQP will only change when they are forced to change by their base, or lack thereof.

In a democracy you have to carry the majority with you, you have to convince that what you want to do will benefit them, otherwise you wind up howling at the wind.

Once you have proven yourself, then and only then, can you progress to the next step of implementing the urgent needs of climate change/pollution and the resulting massive global instabilities of mass migration/war etc.

He is also correct in that you have to prove democracy works urgently, otherwise autocracy is a dead certainty, it is the last chance.

His time to do so is short, timing is everything.

I can wait and put my politics on hold for a short time.

  • March 25, 2021