Time to sh*t or get off the pot.

I hope I find it as easy to wear off of Robert Mueller as I did with beer. It shouldn’t be hard, I’ve had more than my fill, and it’s time to stop before I wake up on the floor with the cat scooping litter over me.

God knows that Robert Mueller himself is sick of this shit. And since even people who took the time to read the damn report still seem to be incapable of comprehending simple English, Bob Mueller did everything but shout it through a bullhorn. William Barr is full of shit, but at least he released the report without making it look like an old IBM punch card. Even if they had found a canceled check from His Lowness to Vlad the Imp, they couldn’t make a conclusion on conspiracy due to the OLC rule, and the same thing goes for obstruction of justice. And if they bother to call Mueller before congress, what we’ll end up with is an audio boo of the Mueller report with video of the author reading it.

Mueller couldn’t have been more crystal clear, he never even bothered to think about indicting Trump because he couldn’t indict Trump if he wanted to, but his meaning was clear to anybody who listened, especially when he made the very pointed reminder that if they had been able to clear the President of obstruction, they would have done so in their report. He flat out came out and said that the legal arena was not the venue for this issue, there was a separate protocol in place to deal with this issue.

Hello congress, can you hear me now? In saying that in any testimony that he gave, he would not go beyond what was already written in his report, Mueller basically screamed, “Fuck me! What more do I have to do?!? You don’t have to do anything but copy and paste to write out your articles of impeachment, I already did all of the heavy lifting for you!” And of course, immediately afterward, Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell came out and said that of course they were going yo hear from Robert Mueller in committee, we all paid for this investigation, the least he can do is to repeat himself on camera. Did Swalwell not listen to a word that Mueller said?

So please, spare me. Either open an impeachment inquiry, or go back to passing stuff that Yertl the McConnell won’t even call to the floor for a vote full time. The same exact questions you ask a witness in front of a House committee hearing can just as easily be asked in front of a House impeachment hearing, and with greater effect. Besides, impeachment hearings would be most likely carried live on all major media outlets, including network television. Meaning that people might actually have to miss a few episodes of “The View!? *GASP* But it will educate what basically amounts to a captive audience. Personally, I think that most people would leave a test pattern with a beep on for background noise while doing the dishes, rather than actually have to think about anything, so they’d at least hear what’s going on.

Democrats should be too embarrassed to even show up for work right now. I mean, sweet Jesus, you have a lone libertarian Republican, not only calling for the impeachment of his own president, but facing down his own constituents to do so, and being rewarded with standing ovations for his courage!. MSNBC interviewed one woman coming out who admitted that she got her news from conservative media, and admitting that she was unaware that there was one word about Trump in the Mueller report, because nobody on FOX had ever mentioned it. Now that she knew, she was in favor of impeachment, even if it would fail in the Senate, because the situation required at least an attempt to accountability. Obviously you can’t reach everybody, but you sure as hell can weaken Trump’s hold on some of his less fervid supporters.

Look, I have no secret microphones or hidden video cameras, but I have a strong suspicion that I know what’s going on in Democratic senior leadership, especially with Nancy Pelosi. She was the newly minted Speaker of the House in 2009, when President Barack Obama made his push for his signature piece of legislation for his first term, the Affordable Care Act. The GOP ate the Democrats lunch on messaging the new bill, and it was underwater in popularity from the get go.Pelosi called in every chip she had to get the bill passed. It ended up costing the Democrats control of the House, cost her her speakership, and saddled us with 8 years of the Boehner-Ryan cabal.

Fast forward to 2019. Pelosi once again has the gavel in her hot little hands. Again she is immediately confronted with an uncomfortable, no win situation, And again the GOP has beaten the Democrats to the punch in terms of messaging, basically because of a constant, nonstop hammering of “No collusion, no obtruction” from Glorious Bleater, and impeachment is no more popular in 2019 than the ACA was in 2009. Pelosi is loathe to riwsk making the same mistake again.

But you know what Madame Speaker told her caucus in a closed door session just prior to the floor vote on the ACA in 2009? he basically told them that they weren’t elected for the sole purpose of getting reelected, they were elected to do the peoples business. And even if al of those dumb sheeple out there didn’t know it yet, this was for their own good, and she expected her caucus to do the right thing. Maybe Speaker Pelosi should listen to a little of her own advice right bout now.

Not very long ago we learned of the heroism of a teenager who ran towards an armed classmate, and died on his own classroom floor so that his classmates could live. Is there a Democrat out there that can look any of us in the eye, and tell us with a straight face that voting to impeach a criminal president is too great a risk to take because it may cost them their soft, plush, cushy job? If so, shame on them, and shame on us for sending the gutless cowards there in the first place.

Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are still sitting around collecting dust, and Amazon is starting to send me nasty e-mails. And what better time to get reacquainted with the roller coaster that was the 2016 election cycle than before the release of the final volume of the trilogy, President Evil III, All the Presidents Fen.

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