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Time…This issue is on point and all about Trump..Not what he wanted I suspect

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If you have not seen this, it is well worth examining.……

Time magazine today released the cover of its Feb. 1-8 double issue showing President Joe Biden in an Oval Office that has been thoroughly trashed by its previous occupant. In the illustration by longtime Time contributor Tim O’Brien, piles of neglected files and paperwork are stacked everywhere, a discarded MAGA hat and a bullhorn rest on the floor, half-eaten French fries and ketchup spill over the edge of the Resolute desk, and a giant “T” is spray-painted on a curtain. President Biden is in the background, seemingly deep in thought as he stares out a window at the dawning day. The coverline reads “Day One.”

The illustration reminds me of the sadness felt with the two Kennedy Brothers that went into the history books.

This illustration sums up the mess we are facing  because of a madman and IMO is enough to convict him in the senate.  Had the senate convicted the last time around, maybe the mess would not be this big or horrid.  

How is this for a sendoff 45?  You will be remembered for this illustration of your  4 years in office.  Time Magazine wanted to remember the real Donald Trump occupancy.

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