Tim Curry & The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast Reunite On Halloween To Help Flip Wisconsin Blue

Received this e-mail from actor Tim Curry on behalf of the Wisconsin Democratic Party:

Right now, we can almost see blue skies through the tears… of the Trump presidency, of course. But we absolutely must keep the pressure on!

That’s why we’re doing the Rocky Horror Show — LIVE — this Halloween night — to help get out the vote in Wisconsin. RSVP and reserve your spot today!

This is a live, once-in-a-lifetime musical livestream event, featuring cast members both old and new. There will be singing, dancing, laughs and plenty of fun.

And we’re doing this for the most important cause right now — to end the Donald Trump nightmare by turning Wisconsin blue.


Please join us, it’ll be an absolute pleasure!

Tim Curry

Click here to donate to RSVP.