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Three Washington Post Conservative columnists bash Trump

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Granted, none of the three Max Boot, Kathleen Parker, and Jennifer Rubin — has been other than a critic of Trump.  But having all three on the same webpage of one of the nation’s most important newspapers (and one read by Congressional types), perhaps carries a little more weight?

Let’s start with Parker, whose column is titled The wall is a testament to Trump’s toxic narcissism.  After exploring the idea of Trump’s narcissism, Parker informs us that a Mexican can, without a visa, travel by plane from Mexico to Canada for $300, and then poses a question which she answers forcefully:

Would Trump shut down the government for a northern wall?

Of course not. This is because “Build the Wall” and “Mexico will pay for it” were campaign slogans created by a guy who never expected to become president. Now that he faces possible rejection, the wall has become a metaphor for his identity, his very being-ness. To fail would be to suffer narcissistic injury, which, given Trump’s immaturity and predilection to punch back, could lead to a real national crisis. As he said, he’d be proud to shut down the government — and keep it shut down for months or years if need be.

All for that stupid wall.

that stupid wall — indeed.

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