Threat from The Cornholeone Crime Family: “Michael Cohen’s a ‘Rat’ and ‘Inmates Hate Rats’”

Cue “Speak Softly Love”.


“As Michael Cohen strikes a new plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, admitting to lying to Congress on President Donald Trump‘s dealings with Russia, CNN’s Jim Acosta said one Washington insider had a warning for the commander in chief’s former fixer.

“The president and [his lawyer] Rudy Giuliani have had some pretty harsh words for Michael Cohen, but they are not alone,’ Acosta said Thursday. “I talked to a source close to the White House earlier today who described Michael Cohen as a ‘rat,’ adding that inmates hate rats.””

I don’t know who Acosta is talking to, but based on the cheap melodrama my guess would be Stephen Miller or Bannon, if he was still around.

If drump’s real consigliere, John Kelly, were thinking along these lines, and I doubt that very much, he wouldn’t be vocalizing it.

But whoever said it forgot one thing:

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