Thoughts on Reddit using GameStop to bring down hedge funds & prove the stock market is a fraud

Thoughts on Reddit using Gamestop to bring down hedge funds and prove the stock market is a fraud

The Wall Street Bets on Reddit move on GameStop has proven that the stock market and its financial instruments are nothing but a fraud.

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From the time I took an economics elective class and understood the stock market in detail and all of the financial instruments that are traded on it, I knew it was nothing more than legalized financial fraud. The stock market and other aspects of our economy rewarded a dependent few cloaked as the economic drivers.

As an engineering student who knew that a truly egalitarian society depended on people being paid commensurate with their work, I considered most in the financial sector parasites that must depend on the indoctrinated masses to believe in their faux worth. Unfortunately, we have an entire societal infrastructure complicit in the indoctrination.

What started on the subreddit “Wall Street Bets,” the manipulation of GameStop’s stock, illustrated the con that is the financial instruments on Wall Street. Amazingly, the democratization of “the short” has proven how fragile the stock market is and can only be functional when there are relatively few to manipulate it.

It is hard for many to think outside of the box with structures they have grown up with and known their entire lives. Unless we ensure that we have an economic system that all have access to as opposed to having to be invited to, January 6th and many other types of insurrections from all directions will be the norm. A system built on uneven growth and the subsidized taker cannot stand forever.

What are your thoughts? Please listen to the entire video clip from my Politics Done Right program and leave me some comments. Until we learn about what really is oppressing many, we will continue a national downward spiral. And that does not end well for the masses.

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  • January 28, 2021