Since my stroke on November 12, my online presence, here and elsewhere, has been very limited as I first recovered from that incident, and then underwent my surgery on the 18th, followed by a minor incident (transient ischemic attack — like a minor stroke) on the 20th.  Today I had follow up exams in the surgeon’s office and with the Physician’s Assistant who is my primary care doctor.  I am now cleared both to drive and to return to work (which I will do on January 6) even as I still have followup consultations with a neurologist and a cardiologist.

But while I might have written little on current hot topics, I have been reading, and reflecting, on on many issues.

I thought I would take this moment to offer some of my thoughts.

I do not claim these are necessarily all that well organized.  You can make of them what you will.

I suspect some of what I offer may anger some who read my words, but perhaps speak at least partially to others who may not feel so isolated in their own thoughts.

So here goes.