This young lady's lack of empathy explains the Right-Wing well

Her ignorance supersedes her lack of empathy for a large swath of Americans

A friend sent me the following post. One can only believe what she is saying if we discount the conditions of a large swath of Americans. Sadly, few will see her severe lack of empathy.

A severe lack of empathy

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Just the setup of this woman’s first few sentences shows how naive she is. She is sitting at a coffee shop watching others with their MacBook and ordering from Amazon. That is her reality. She has seen prosperity. Good for her. Please read the entire post.

When 40% of Americans cannot endure a $400 unexpected expense, that is a different reality.

Yes, Capitalism has worked for a good percentage, not most. Hell, I have done great by Capitalism and made a lot of money using its tenets in the past, though this new profession has zapped most of it as a full-time activist.

When one becomes introspective and the morals many of us Progressives grew up with kicked in, it was not difficult to see the dire straits that many Americans are living in, not as we lived it but how our brothers and sisters in Appalachia, the Ghettos, the Barrios, and rural areas are living. Worse is how the Right lies to them and indoctrinate too many of them to vote against their own interests by using smoke and mirrors.

And then a privileged woman like this comes along and tells those who are suffering, ‘things at my Coffee Shop are simply fine.’

The lack of empathy and inability to see outside one’s own conditions is sad in this country. That is why Progressives do what we do.

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  • December 3, 2020