This Virginia politician forgot to put his name on ballot, making a Democratic majority very likely


The balance of power in the Virginia House of Delegates is 49 Dem/51 GOP. Since Virginia has off-year elections, the big one is actually this upcoming November. 

The blue team has recruited a slew of top progressive candidates for 2019 to fight in multiple battle districts, but one that was not supposed to be competitive at all was VA House District 30. It’s red, rural, and since the 1990s, has been held by the GOP.  

Enter GOP candidate Nick Freitas.

To make a long story short, the Department of Elections didn’t receive his election certification paperwork until long after the June 11 deadline, and it was missing pages. There were plenty of excuses, but bottom line, it wasn’t until three weeks later that Freitas sent a notarized form swearing he was eligible for office on July 1. Of course, that wasn’t accepted because that’s not how deadlines work.

Freitas has been lashing out on YouTube to “explain” what happened and complain that this is all some sort of Democratic conspiracy to keep him off the ballot. He blames the Democratic members of the State Board for their sinister plot to follow the rules, while completely ignoring the fact that the Elections Board is bipartisan and were unanimous in their decision that he doesn’t get a do-over.