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This viral movie trailer is making certain bad people nervous—here's why

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Just watch … then let’s discuss. Note that only three words are spoken.

Those are A-list stars Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie. You can see why these are award-winning actors. The scene is intense, yet you are only looking at body language and facial expressions. Notice Robbie when Theron gets in the elevator.

Theron is a dead-ringer for Megyn Kelly, and Kidman looks like Gretchen Carlson. An unseen-in-this-trailer John Lithgow portrays disgraced and deceased Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes. Robbie’s character is fictional, while the inimitable Malcolm McDowell plays Rupert Murdoch.

A lot of Fox News personalities get the star treatment in this film, to include Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, Ainsley Earhardt, and a slew of others. Lionsgate says it will be released sometime in December. The film was directed by Jay Roach, who also directed HBO’s hit political film Game Change ,about Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise and fall during the 2008 election. The script was written by Academy Award winner Charles Randolph, the pen behind The Big Short

This is the first trailer to come out, and the buzz has already been enormous. Fox News has been uncharacteristically quiet.

It was only three years ago that the massive sex scandal at Fox News unraveled, right before the 2016 election. Twenty-five Fox employees came forward and described unspeakable horror that women were subjected to at the network. The problem wasn’t just sex predator Roger Ailes, although he started it and established the culture.

More than $40 million has been paid to former employees, thanks to allegations concerning a roster of Fox News management for everything from sexual harassment to trying to force employees into sex acts. This included Fox Sports President Jamie Horowitz, Fox Business Host Charles Payne, Bill O'Reilly, and Fox News Latino veep Francisco Cortes, just to name a few.

The New York Times interviewed roughly 18 former FNN employees, who reported that women at the company were targeted from all levels of management.

They told of strikingly similar experiences at Fox News. Several said that inappropriate comments about a woman’s appearance and sex life were frequent. Managers tried to set up their employees on dates with superiors.


One former Fox News staff member described walking into a dark office in 2009 to find a senior manager receiving oral sex from a junior employee.


Almost all the women said they were reluctant to go to the human resources department with their complaints for fear that they would be fired.


“There is a culture where, not that you accept it, you just deal with it,” one former employee said.

Fox News was never a normal network, and they didn't even bother to try to hide their sexism. You can turn it on any time of the day and hear garbage like this, which wouldn't be tolerated anywhere else:

Female anchors at Fox News are legendary for having a certain “look,”and are required to pack on more makeup than is tolerable at a beauty pageant—”glamour nighttime” was how one Fox Newsmakeup artist described it). The women were required to wear clingy, short skirts, and the camera regularly focused on their crossed legs. Fox News troll Brian Kilmeade once put the qualifications this way:

“It was actually, we go into the Victoria’s Secret catalog and we said, ‘Can any of these people talk?’

Lest you think things have gotten much better, a Fox Nation host, former pro-wrestler Tyrus, was just ”quietly removed” in July, after he reportedly texted his co-host to say, “Just pull your boobs out now why don’t you.”

Tyrus was not suspended while his conduct was investigated, and he still works at the network.

Fox News has always been the propaganda arm of the GOP, but in the past few years it has become the mouthpiece for our sexual predator-in-chief to mainstream his white nationalism. The network’s boorish, sexist behavior is always insulting, but I never imagined it covered up something so sinisterly evil.

Perhaps the bright spotlight in theaters this winter will help current Fox News employees by exposing this awful network, but I’m not hopeful. At the very least, I hope this serves as a wake up call to members of our own party who keep insisting on giving this evil organization legitimacy by appearing on the network. If the GOP wants to continue to be the party of hateful attacks against women, let them—but we don’t have to feed the beast.

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