If Joe Biden is to win big, he will need to leverage the sacrifices made by the COVID dead into a vision of a future where we have people-centric policies.

Joe Biden selective campaigning is very effective in the Trump era

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I have been loving the speeches Joe Biden has been given. I thought the clip in this post was the most important part of the speech. It was not specific but it did three important things. You can find the entire speech here. It is not very long.

Biden highlights the child care crisis, the job crisis, and the healthcare crisis and how they are inextricably linked. Most importantly, he made it clear that these crises are a direct result of Donald Trump's failure to do his job.

Trump's negligence, incompetence, and most of all lack of care can be broken down into Biden's following two sentences.

“He has quit on you,” Joe Biden said. “He has quit on the country.”

If he has quit on you he does not belong there. He does not deserve reelection.

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