This Trump reality is a real danger for a Biden election

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National Editor of the Cook Political Report appeared on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd with some salient words on Joe Biden winning the presidency.

Biden must make a break out lest he won’t win

Watch the entire episode here.

If Joe Biden is to win, he will have to have a paradigm shift. Going up against a nimble and lying Donald Trump requires a truthful and nimble candidate that is willing to think outside of the box.

We are likely going into at least an extended recession but likely a depression. The only policies to mitigate these are the progressive policies that include Basic Income, Medicare for All, Student Loan Forgiveness, and a Green New Deal. After all, people also got a picture of what blue skies look like as fossil fuels ceased to be burned.

The argument of free stuff, deficits, and other Right-Wing tropes will fall on deaf ears. Why? A large plurality of Americans will otherwise suffer.

“The one thing I will note though Chuck is that,” said Amy Walter. “As strong as Joe Biden is looking in those states and and in national polls. what you also see is that President Trump hasn’t cratered and his overall vote share if you look at the match-up between Joe Biden and Donald Trump doesn’t match his approval rating in a lot of these states. In other words, he still has room to grow in these states. There’s a group of people who are saying, ‘I like the job that the president’s doing. I’m not yet quite ready to say I’m gonna vote for Biden’. It’s easy for him, it’s easier for Trump to get those people back. They haven’t defected at least not yet to Joe Biden.”

Amy Walter’s statement below is prescient. Biden need a jolt to change the status quo.

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  • May 3, 2020