This Pundit gives the recipe to defeat Trump even with his own voters

MSNBC pundit Zerlina Maxwell made a prescient observation that really is a recipe to defeat Donald Trump if used effectively now and throughout the campaign. It is an interesting three-prong approach.

Zerlina Maxwell un-mesmerizes Trump

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Ms. Maxwell first points out that Trump’s base of support is old and white. Moreover, his voters are the one’s currently going through the COVID-19 hot spots. Yet, Donald Trump with his actions and words are placing his major constituents’ lives at risk.

“I can’t think of an electoral strategy,” Maxwell said. “That involves actually killing your potential voters. I do not understand this strategy that he is doing.”

Zerlina then said that the president has always been a walking, talking national security threat from day one.

“I have always gone to sleep at night,” Zerlina continued. “Fearful that he was going to tweet us into a nuclear war or some sort of conflict. Now we are actually living my greatest fear.”

Zerlina then threw shade at the media with delicacy, with a knife so sharp one does not feel the cut until the damage is done.

“The thing that is bothering me the most is that,” Maxwell points out. “Even in quarantine we are still obsessed with his personality. And I think we could be focused more on … the sheer incompetence of the federal response. And that there are real tangible things that you can point to and say 36 thousand Americans would be alive today potentially if he had made better choices as president.”

In effect, this pundit is simply telling the media, pundits, and political operatives to get serious. Stop reporting frivolities. Inform Americans instead of being a conduit of the president to misinform. Stick with the real and not personality, a rather childish, immature, and non-serious endeavor.

Zerlina Maxwell earns today’s Politics Done Right Pundit Award.

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  • May 27, 2020