Bobby Rodrigo visited the Portland protest at ground zero during the day and night. He clearly reveals the untold truth.

Bobby Rodrigo put himself at risk to bring us the real Portland story.

Watch the full episode here.

According to Rodrigo, Less than one city block in the entire city of Portland is being lied about to define the protest debate. Portland is not burning. In fact, the only destruction occurring in Portland is the defacement of one Federal Building. Does that warrant the Federal response? Hell no.

Bobby decided to attend the location of the protest during the day and during the night. That was real reporting as he places himself at risk several times. After all, Trump’s goons have no respect for the press.

During the mornings and afternoons, all is generally calm and festive. The park is filled with tents and stations to feed people as well as to provide free clothes.

The protests begin at night. And that is where Bobby Rodrigo got a taste of tear gas.

Bobby Rodrigo’s report

Watch the full episode here.

Portland is a very large city. There is protest on one block. Again, Portland is not burning.

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