I do not know if most of you have heard the latest, but Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin loudly complained about closing some of the schools on Wednesday because of the Artic blast of air:

“Now we cancel school for cold, I mean …” Bevin said during an appearance Tuesdayon Terry Meiners’ show on WHAS radio.

“It's deep freeze; this is serious business,” Meiners replied, trying to steer Bevin toward sanity.

“Come on, now. There's no ice going with it or any snow,” the governor countered. “What happens to America. We're getting soft, Terry, we're getting soft.”

Is was in the single digits here with a wind chill at -10 F.  I teach those students who have to wait in the dark for a bus.  And a bunch of them are from poor backgrounds.  You can bet your bottom dollar that many of them do not have adequate clothing for winter weather like this because it is KENTUCKY not CHICAGO!  

The cruelty and stupidity of Matt Bevin was not lost on many in Kentucky or even outside of Kentucky:

Al Roker:

Roker, the longtime NBC weatherman and TV personality, did not mince his words when calling out Bevin.

“This nitwit governor in Kentucky, saying, ‘Oh, we’re weak,' ” Roker said on MSNBC on Wednesday morning. “These are kids who are going to be subzero wind chills!”

The Courier-Journal even had other Republicans quoted as giving Matt Bevin shit for his stupid, cruel remarks:

Republican state. Rep. Robert Goforth, who is running against Bevin in the GOP primary, also slammed the remarks on Twitter. He said the comments were “Easy for a guy to say who went to the (Gould Academy) – a $60k/yr prep school. I’m with KY's kids!”

Political strategist Doug Stafford, who serves as a senior adviser to U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, also mocked the governor's comments.

“Oh hush,” Stafford, a Republican, tweeted. “It will be 0 degrees with 20-30mph winds in places in KY tomorrow. Kids have to sit on bus stops and or walk a mile or more in that. No one wants to hear your old man stories about walking uphill both ways in that when you were a kid.”

Now, Bevin has shit all over teachers with his pension “reform” bill that was ruled unconstitutional.  And the teachers protests and political movement fizzled in last year’s election.  I hate to say that because I am a public school teacher in KY, but the election results were a flop for teachers in KY.  The state legislature is still in Republican control.  

But while Bevin may be able to call teachers “thugs” and accuse us of “child sexual abuse” when we protest, he will not be able to get away with insulting a bunch of kids and their parents in KY.  And we are talking about insulting a bunch of white students not those “other” people.  

And Bevin was not Mr. Popularity before this comment.

And Bevin’s latest attempt to ram through another pension “reform” bill was rejected in less than 24 hours.  Republicans did this to him.  Bevin’s fellow Republicans are not feeling the love for him.

No, this is another reminder that Bevin is a stupid and cruel man, and it is why at least three Democrats are running against him this year.  And why another Republican is challenging him in the primary.  There is blood in the water with Bevin, and the sharks are circling.

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