This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  This is bigger than Police Brutality in my opinion.   I knew at some point people would take to the street when the majority of people are mistreated and ignored.   Blacks and other minorities being mistreated, abused, insulted, killed and no leadership whatsoever in the majority of this government.

George Floyd was the flashpoint that threw us into a world of chaos.   Anger is abound from hunger, unemployment, police brutality, killing old, black, and a pandemic raging while hate and a division so big the whole world could fill in the gap.  

Where does this end?  When people are heard.  People are hungry, sick, tired, angry and tired of no accountability from the real looters from Wall Street and the elite and ignorant such as McConnell and Trump just ignorning the people.

There is no real rule of law and there is no rule of law that applies to the powerful.

I think we were wrong.   The Revolution is being televised and America is burning.

We the People are tired of all of this winning.   If this is winning, then, I sure would hate to see what losing looks like.  

Bill Barr is a joke.  Donald Trump is a moron and he should have been removed with his impeachable offenses months ago.   Barr needs to go.   This is not going away.   

Rome had Nero..We got Trump.  This is a warzone.   America is not America when eating skittles while black gets you killed.   Cutting foodstamps and wanting to do away with healthcare in the middle of 100,000 plus people dying.  

Is it time to fly that flag upside down yet?

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