Red-faced. Shouting. Interrupting. Ignoring. That describes Trump at last night’s debate. Turns out it also describes what he’s like in the Oval Office:

Trump doesn’t accept the consensus that the debate was a disaster because, sources said, he was unabashedly himself. “The thing about the debate is people got to see why no one that has any integrity can work for Trump. This is what Trump is like in the Oval Office every day. It’s why [John] Kelly left. It’s why [Jim] Mattis quit,” said the prominent Republican. “Trump doesn’t let anyone else speak. He really doesn’t care what you have to say. He demeans people. He talks over them. And everyone around him thinks it’s getting worse.”…

The Vanity Fair article is more about Brad Parscale and the chance he may spill the beans on campaign finance violations. AJP has a diary about that up now; I wanted to focus on this part. I particularly want to highlight that last sentence again:

And everyone around him thinks it’s getting worse.

I’m reading Bob Woodward’s Rage right now, and while Trump hasn’t lost his temper too often yet, the title of the book says a lot. In the 2016 debates with Clinton, Trump was rude, condescending, insulting, dismissive, but he wasn’t red-faced with anger. Last night he was all that PLUS the red-faced part. And the shouting. Trump didn’t shout in the 2016 debates. A clip comparing the 2016 Trump to last night’s Trump should be good for an ad right there — look how much worse he is.

Is he worse off now than he was four years ago?

As more Republicans who used to work for him speak out against him, this is something they should also talk about. The rage. The man with the power to blow up the planet is blowing up all the time in the Oval Office.

Play clips from the debate and ask the country: is this a person you trust with our nuclear weapons? With our troops? With a knife and fork?