This is what a Democrat must sound like. Now let's make the words mean something.

This is what a Democrat must sound like. Now let's make the words mean something.

Ohio Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan got the narrative done right perfectly. He gave a progressive speech.

Congressman Tim Ryan

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If Democrats went into areas that seldom see Democrats and give speeches like this among people, it would be a game-changer. But too often, Republicans are allowed to define Democrats. It is time that instead, Republicans are the ones defined by their actions.

“Heaven forbid we pass something that’s going to help the damn workers in the United States of America,”  Tim Ryan said. “Heaven forbid we tilt the balance that has been going in the wrong direction for 50 years. We talk about pensions, you complain. We talk about the minimum wage increase, you complain. We talk about giving them the right to organize, you complain.”

And then he went to the thing that should shame these guys the most. But then again, can they be shamed after supporting an insurrection, a tax cut scam, and many other evil deeds and policies?

“But if we’re passing a tax cut here,” Ryan continued. You’d be all getting in line to vote yes for it now.”

And then the ribbing.

“Stop talking about Dr. Seuss,” Ryan said. “And start working with us on behalf of the American Workers.”

Ya think??

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  • March 9, 2021