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This is the society we must fight for disregarding the labels

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A society is only as good as the well-being of the people within it. Our current crisis provides the shock necessary for major change. IMHO this is what we must do.

Our society must ensure humanity comes first

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I remember being on a panel of liberals, progressives, conservatives, and others. When proposing social policies that ensure a good quality of life for everyone, the first question the conservative businessman asked me was how instituting those policies would affect business. What? Are you crazy sir?

That is absolutely the wrong question. First and foremost one wants life to be rewarding, pleasurable, and just livable with a future to look forward to. There are enough resources in this world for everyone to have a decent standard of living. Unfortunately, we have a system that disproportionately channels wealth to the undeserving not based on their true value to society but on a designed economic system that favors those with original capital or the select few invited into the fold with borrowed or rendered capital.

The thing is that we are a democracy, but one indoctrinated into believing that things must be for the most part the way they are. As we inform and educate ourselves preferably sooner rather than later, we will have the tools necessary to demand what is rightfully all of ours.

There is no reason for a class in this country to enrich themselves off of the intellect and labor of others solely because they were the ones able to capitalize on an idea likely already held by many and that came about through the aggregate knowledge of human intellect over time. No person did it or made it by themselves. It has always been a community whether one wants to accept that reality or not. Let's get busy.

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