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This is someone America and Georgia can be proud of

Well, I can’t add much to these pics as they speak for themselves.  This is what humanity, love in action and real leaders look like.   

He has done more in his lifetime for good than anyone I can think of.  

This is a National Treasure.  He will be 96 in October.   We love you President Carter.

Today was a pretty special day for me as my most recent guitar was officially presented to former United States President Jimmy Carter at his home in Plains, GA. I had originally hoped to be there in person, but the current situation, and our need to protect one of our national treasures, made this desire impossible. I was able to enjoy a facetime call between Mr Carter, Miss Rosalynn and myself so that I could be “present” for the experience and have the chance to speak with them. There are so many things about this project that resonate with me… using wood from Mr Carter’s farm to build the guitar and create awareness of the wood itself and its potential uses in the future

Bet Garth and Trish enjoyed this building with an icon.