This is not a movie. This is our constitution. Tired of the complaints of optics.


People are addicted to theatrics, not fact.  This is sad to see so many, especially the media criticizing Bob Mueller.  The man is a man of honor and fact finding.  He is not one of the Kardashians or even another reality star trying to grab the spotlight.   The republicans like old Matt and Jordan have aspirations to be President and this is their ladder to climb but it is a ladder of doom.  Republicans are walling around in Trump’s vomit.

I thank Director Mueller for his facts and sticking to his word of not going any further than the book.

No Democrats, the yelling and hollering is about the republicans who have nothing but loudmouths and broad asses and UNAMERICAN with their loyalty to a criminal, indicted or not.  Look at the facts.  Appreciate the calm and service and then get on the phone and demand legislators to do their job and demand impeachment inquiry.  Don’t worry, there will be no cameras on the conversation but it carries weight.  Not all important things are about optics.  I doubt Lincoln would have made great optics had there been television.

  Most important things are all about fact and as Joe Friday from Dragnet said, “ Facts. just the facts”.