This is informative journalism: Ali Velshi torched Republicans with the inconvenient truth.

This journalist, Ali Velshi, goes where most won’t, the unadulterated truth without sugar coating. He appropriately torched insurrectionists supporting Republicans.

Ali Velshi Torches insurrectionist-appeasing Republicans

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Republicans would have everyone believe that if the media criticizes them, it makes them, wait, THE LIBERAL MEDIA. Truth isn’t Liberal, Progressive, or Conservative.

The Republicans have been following the Powell Memo to the “T” for some time. They have infiltrated many in the media, schools, and businesses with false ideologies and tenets. Worse they have blurred the definition of facts.

Along with their institutions designed to make lies and misinformation seem plausible and fact-like, they put a fear in the media. It is so sad that journalists are generally scared to go beyond “Republicans say while Democrats say,” creating false equivalences.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi is one of the journalists who have no fear in bucking the “play nice” mantra. The entry to Ali’s second hour of Velshi today was a perfect example. He appropriately torched Republican Senators for voting against the January 6th Commission.

“We begin this hour with the anti-American dissent of the Republican Party from what was once the proud party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to be fully in the throws of Donald Trump and his big election lie.” Ali Velshi starts. “Terrified of the political ramifications the truth may expose, these thirty-five Senate Republicans, or to quote former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, “These 35 pathetic cowards continue to put party ahead of country,” and voted to block the creation of an independent January 6th Commission modeled in the famed 9/11 Commission, which would investigate the insurrection and the attack on the United States Capitol.”

Ali Velshi goes on to make his case graphically and intellectually. He did not hold back on the politicians nor the other Trump sycophants and followers. This is what real fact-based informative journalism looks like. Thank you, Mr. Velshi.

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  • May 30, 2021