Raw Story has a story up that reads like a nightmare.   People do take your phones to the polls.   This is insane.  People should have been arrested and the Biden Campaign needs to get their lawyers there to make sure this does not happen again.   File suit against the city if they refuse to enforce the voting laws.   www.rawstory.com/…

I read this and thought, “ Oh no, is this what is expected even if most vote in person is republican on Nov 3?   This story was on Raw Story and reported by a voter.


“I arrived just as polling place opened. Short line. Thought I’d be in and out in 20 minutes tops. Even w/ this short line, it took 2+ hours,” he explained.

“Then the next Semi followed, then the 3rd,” he continued. “A motorcade of semis, jeeps, and a few sedans drove down the road. All honking. All flying Trump 2020 flags. With people yelling out the window. This motorcade snaked around the polling place the entire time I was there (2 hrs).”

Imus explained that a line of semis honking while people were standing in line was so loud that it made trying to vote a nightmare.

“Listening to this for hours is jarring,” he said. “Election officials, who were extremely professional, could not give instructions to people in line because no one could hear them. People covered their ears. At some point the people in line started yelling at the trucks. Some of which stopped, and started yelling back. There were enough police/officials to keep things from escalating. But all this being said: There is no telling what Nov 3 is going to be like. Vote early!”

Chances are these drivers could be charged with noise ordinances and even voter suppression attempts. It’s unknown why police didn’t take action to protect the voters.

DO NOT STAND FOR THIS INTIMIDATION.  CALL THE BIDEN CAMPAIGN AND LET THE LAWYERS GET ON TOP OF THIS.  It is clearly interference in a presidential election and IS against the law.  



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