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As all of you know, I have been a frequent commentator, and will continue to be a frequent commentator on the stunning internal collapse of the National Rfle Association. My beef with the NRA isn’t in its original form as a safety and training advocacy group, rather it is the current structure of the NRA, which has become such a whorehouse for the armaments manufacturers that Wayne LaPierre should be barred from appearing in public, except clad in a turquoise halter, a bright pink spandex mini skirt, and a pair of “fuck me” pumps.

But even at full strength, and with no internal distractions, the NRA would be hard pressed to deal effectively with the latest public service ad released by the Sandy Hook Promise, a gun control advocacy group founded by parents of children senselessly slaughtered in their classrooms. The ad is a hard hitting, emotional sucker punch to the gut;

The tide has been turning away from the NRA for quite a while now. As I have pointed out in the past, in 2018, for the first time, gun control voters outnumbered unfettered gun rights owners at the polls. And it’s more than just that. In 2018 gun control advocacy groups finally outspent the NRA and affiliated groups in advertising leading up to the reelection. And the results showed up, 17 A or A+ rated GOP congressional incumbents lost their seats.

This advertisement alone should scare Mitch McConnell shitless, as well as the other 22 GOP incumbents up for reelection next year. This spot is liquid gold when run in September and October of 2020. The problem for McConnell and the GOP is that this problem is no longer, nor has it ever been, a coastal, liberal, elite issue. From a Walmart in El Paso to a highway outside of Odessa, from a theater in Aurora to a medical office in San Bernardino. From high schools in Columbine and Parkland to a grade school in Newtown, this is a non ideological, non partisan, non ethnic problem. And the problem is that your own child’s survival in his classroom is a fucking crap shoot!

This ad is going to be used against Trump in 2020. And it’s going to be used against Mitch McConnell, every GOP Senator up for reelection in 2020, as well as every GOP House incumbent with a B or better rating with the NRA, as it should be. There is no defense against this ad, simply because it is a terrifying glimpse into the thoughts of our own children when they get off of the school bus every fucking day!

And it’s only going to become more effective, since sadly, as we all know, we haven’t seen the last school mass shooting before next November. I’m sorry for the tenor of this piece, but I’m so sick of the carnage that I can hardly keep my fingers from shaking to type properly. This has gone on far beyond long enough, and the GOP is about to pay a very stiff penalty for their intransigence and cowardice.

I do have one simple, honest, heartfelt suggestion though. Mr Steyer, you are never going to be President of the United States. Please, I beg you, rather than spending untold millions in advertising on a futile effort, please, spend the money to run this ad hourly in prime time on every network for the next 14 months. The ultimate effect will be so much greater than any effect your campaign could have, and the sense of satisfaction from having had this job well done will dwarf any tingles from sitting behind the Roosevelt desk in the Oval Office. Your nation thanks you for your service.

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