This is getting embarrassing. Watch fake GOP electors get stopped at the door in Michigan

The GOP had a big plan in Michigan on Monday to throw the election to Donald Trump. It was a guaranteed ace in the hole, just like everything else they said was a sure-fire promise that they’d overthrow the election. Unfortunately for Michigan House Representative Gary Eisen, it’s also the reason he was removed from all of his committees. Eisen insinuated that violence might have to happen with the big plan

Speaking to WPHM on Monday morning, Eisen was asked, “Can you assure me that this is going to be a safe day in Lansing, nobody is going to get hurt?”

He responded, “No,” before adding that, “I don't know because what we're doing today is uncharted. It hasn't been done.”

During the 11-minute interview, Eisen didn't give details about what may happen, but said he was asked to help.

So what was the big plan? Sending fake electors to steal the vote.

  • December 14, 2020