this is far better happy talk: “What we need is more 'economic intercourse'”


Giggling RWNJs seized on a Biden comment that only reveals how much context will be needed with an IMPOTUS who’s a pathological liar.

For example, Trump lied again today:


Better, not more


President Trump’s first tweet Sunday came unusually late, popping up a few minutes after noon — hours behind schedule for a president who is often awake and tweeting as the sun rises.

“Happy Birthday to Melania, our great First Lady!” Trump tweeted at 12:06 p.m.

The celebratory tweet kicked off a long day of tweeting and retweeting that really ramped up at around 2 p.m. when Trump observed, in response to a recent New York Times article, that those who know him regard him as “the hardest working President in history.”

Over the next seven hours or so, Trump took aim at everything and anyone he could, unleashing a barrage of more than two dozen tweets and retweets that targeted media outlets, high-profile commentators and hosts, and Democrats.

He also returned once more to the Russia probe and impeachment, promoting a tweet that accused his political adversaries of “three failed coup attempts.” The tweet went on to suggest with no evidence that the president’s opponents could “attempt to steal the election” by making the novel coronavirus’s impact on human lives seem worse than it really is.



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