This is an actual headline from Detroit Metro Times ( I can't put it in the headline) Banworthy.……

Lock the MF up.   Wow.   The headline reads, “ Lock the motherfucker up”.   Click the link and see.

For all the nefarious crap Florida Republicans pulled in 2000 — there was plenty, beginning with a racist purge of the state’s voter rolls — at least that was a legitimately close election. A 537-vote difference, capping a 500,000-vote national margin, is a rounding error.
That wasn’t the case this year. Joe Biden won enough states to claim 306 electoral votes. When California and New York finish counting, he’ll beat Donald Trump by a 4.5-point margin, securing the largest share of the electorate of any presidential challenger since FDR. It wasn’t a blowout, but it was decisive.

Well, this journalist really types how he feels.   More have to be this brave.

Yet here we are, almost three weeks later, the president refusing to concede despite having been laughed out of court after court, his lawyers reduced to spinning ridiculous yarns about vast conspiracies to erase millions of votes and/or conduct fraud in big (Black) cities such as Detroit and Philadelphia.
The freak show reached a delusional peak at a press conference Thursday, when Trump lawyer Sidney Powell — who also ginned up deep-state nonsense while defending Michael Flynn — told the nation about her acid trip:
“I want the American public to know right now that we will not be intimidated
Well, it is going to be a long 60 days if they don’t do something with him.   You just can’t break the backs of the blacks and throw away their voices via ballot and expect to be ignored.  It ain’t gonna happen.   There will be pushback and rightfully so.