Dr. Joseph Fair was meticulous in staying disinfected and following the protocols to avoid COVID-19. Yet, this doctor could not escape an environment conducive to spread.

This doctor illustrates why we are not ready

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It is clear that a doctor working day in and day out with coronavirus patients is susceptible to getting COVID-19. That is not the case with Dr. Joseph Fair. He was a commentator with MSNBC who helped give protocols to listeners that ensured they would be as safe as possible from the virus.

The fact that the doctor likely got the virus on a flight is instructive. It is not enough that the individual is capable of keeping themselves safe. If protocols are not developed nationally, then we will either get brute force herd immunity from people who have developed immunity or for those who do not get sick from the virus.

Either way, it involves a lot of deaths, all not necessarily attributed to COVID-19 but from the lack of access to healthcare to treat many other diseases because of an overtaxed terrible healthcare system. Understanding this does not require rocket science. Those who are pushing Americans to go back to work know this. To be clear, the Fox News folks are working at home till at least June, while they are urging all to go back to work.

The Trump administration and too many in the business class are unconcerned with the well-being of Americans. Why? if said concern affects their profits, their bottom line, they will take the latter — humanity be damned.

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