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This Doctor explains why Medicare for All is existential for Black Women & POC.

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Dr. Victoria Dewey pointed out an important reality while in Las Vegas Nevada speaking to Bernie Sanders supporters. The fact that black women's healthcare is systemically undermined, only when all have health insurance are Black women able to secure equitable health care. And that is Medicare for All.

Dr. Victoria Dewey: An unabashed supporter of Medicare for All.

Dr. Dewey is one of the ever-growing numbers of doctors that realize the healthcare system in America is a scam for ALL Americans. But she had to get into the sad reality that black women suffer more than anyone else under the current system.

One can wait for an enlightened citizenry or one can ensure that policies are leading socio-economic realities. Dr. Dewey early on realized that in this system, the only way we can ensure that black women and people of color are covered by healthcare in an equitable manner is to ensure that ALL Americans are covered via Medicare for All. No longer will preconceived notions determine access to healthcare either at the primary care entry to service or the emergency room.

Just before Dr. Dewey spoke, we heard from Amy Vilela whose daughter died for many of the reasons Dr. Dewey spoke about.

After a long interstate drive to Nevada, Shalynne, Amy Vilela's daughter, leg swole up, turned very red and was very painful. She knew something was wrong and went to the hospital.

The first thing the hospital asked for was health insurance, not about her health. Shalynne did not realize she was still insured and said she thought she did not have insurance. Amy said the hospital coaxed her daughter to leave.

By the time she was seen again, Shalynne had developed a severe deep vein thrombosis. As Amy Vilela explained in her video, her daughter died soon thereafter.

Dr. Dewey is on point and one hopes America is listening. It is essential for us all.

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