Let me first state categorically, Sri Preston Kulkarni is the candidate of the present and the future of Texas District 22. This Democratic candidate reflects the district's values, and unlike Troy Nehls, will materially be a part of the coalition that will improve the lives of all in his district.

I want every Democratic Candidate to hear this.

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Troy Nehls used a video interview from my Politics Done Right program to attack the deserving Democratic candidate. The ad has been in high volume airing on for several days now. I have been waiting for a forceful response from Sri Preston Kulkarni on the air and am yet to see one.

This is how Democrats lose races. Even as their policies help the poor and middle-class in their district, they often cede to the Republican opponent's narrative. Democratic advisers and analysts often lack connectivity to the rank and file in the community.

The interesting thing is that Sri Preston Kulkarni does not even need to go negative to answer the Nehls's ad. The Trump COVID-19 pandemic makes it easy for him to first sell the healthcare and other policies at the same time while using the dereliction of duty of all Republicans in the state to protect the health and wellbeing of Texans.

Listen to the entire video which includes clips from the Republican's despicable ad and my pertinent response. There is an assertion in the ad that illustrates that Troy Nehls, like Donald Trump, can lie without impunity.

Troy Nehls claims Kulkarni's healthcare policies would cause rural hospitals to close. The opposite is the reality. Rural hospitals in states like Texas that rejected the Medicare Expansion to the Affordable Care Act are closing. Reason? Math. The economies of scale do not work for rural hospitals without subsidies. It is math.

These realities touch people at the core. When unanswered the lies are cauterized in the psyche of the constituents as their truth.

PS: Troy Nehls (@SheriffTNehls) seems to be in hiding. This is a potential flip.

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