This conversation changed a Republican into a Medicare for All supporter.

Oleg was a staunch Republican who worked for himself. He is a hardworking tax-paying American who thought he hated Obamacare. Now he loves it but hated Medicare for All. This conversation changed that.

Oleg is a contractor who is very independent. Like many of his ideology and mindset, when in a state of independence where he has the semblance of full control of his life, he was able to live his ideology, the ideology of me and selfishness.

When he was hit by his own health scare, his vulnerability had him supporting Obamacare with a passion. When watching the conversation it is clear that his mind was still in conflict.

He now supports Medicare For All

Would it be a failed ideology or reality? As he is confronted respectfully, as he is made the center, and the private insurance companies who continue to do him wrong is rightfully vilified, he realized he was fighting for those who were actually pilfering him.

One must remember a simple mathematical fact, a private health insurance company cannot be more efficient than a public single-payer system. It is a mathematical impossibility.

All those opposing a single-payer system are asking you to believe a lie. Private insurance must pay billions to thousands of executives, support for multiple databases, shareholders, advertising, capital costs, and much more. That is money out of your premium that could otherwise go to lower premiums and insure more people as opposed to enriching a few. That is a fact.

A public single-payer system has virtually none of those major costs associated with unnecessary private insurance. Private health insurance companies are middle-skimmers of cash, thieves. They add no value to healthcare. Too many are allow ideology and gullibility to kill too many.

Oleg is no different than most Republican men who socio-economically should be very Progressive. He wants to hold on to an identity he wrongly believes is existential. Inviting guys like him to straddle is the first step. It allows them a certain latitude to adapt. This takes patience many are not willing to invest in, but some must.

  • October 4, 2019