This Biden Ad Writes Itself

Well, so do many of them. And I’m not an ad writer. But I think this one will be especially powerful:

Start with 15-30 seconds of Trump responding to the question “What do you tell Americans who are scared” with “I tell them you’re a nasty reporter” and include a couple of his nasty follow-ups.

Segue to Biden’s town hall, where Anderson Cooper asked Joe Biden, “what is your message to those families [whose loved one died of COVID-19] and to all of the country?” and Biden’s response, which starts with “My message is, God love you” and

And seek help. Seek help afterwards. Seek help. Talk to people who have been through it so they know, they know they can tell you that you can get through it. You really can. It’s possible. But, boy, it is so, so, so hard. And that’s one of the cruelest, cruelest things that’s happening.

But anyway, those who have been through that, you can contact my campaign. I’m happy to try to talk to you. Not that I’m an expert but just having been there, I’m so sorry for you.

I tried to think of a tag line, but I don’t think it needs one. Just the contrast of 30 seconds of each of them, no commentary needed.

  • March 29, 2020