This Article About Kentucky Farmers May Explain Why All Farmers Sing From the Same Hymnal.

A retired Kentucky farmer who only does limited farming now has written a short article about how Republican land owners and Republican bankers are keeping dissent down on the farm against Trump’s trade war with China.  Besides the trade war, there is budget that cuts insurance subsidies by 15%, and what subsidies are available will not address another year of potential floods on the Ohio River from climate change.  Farmers who speak up about these problems, end with extra problems created by their fellow farmers:

Why aren’t we hearing more concern? Because the current administration has made it impossible for farmers to criticize without retaliation from Republican landowners.

A farmer who wrote an opinion piece early last year in response to farmers’ incomes dropping more than 50% since 2013 and highlighted the increase in farmer suicides due to status-quo policies, lost 300 acres of sharecropped land because word got out that he was a Democrat.


Money lenders in agriculture base who they lend money to on more than just financial statements. Lenders make phone calls within the community to understand the “general character” of someone. The idea is to see if the farmer in question is in good standing in the community and doesn’t have anything to “hide.” But rumors spread all the time about certain operations having to file for bankruptcy.

Farmers already struggle to compete with larger farms that bring in their cloud-connected combines and quote production numbers to landowners that compete for pennies on the pound.  Now they have to compete with their conscience as well.

That sounds an awful lot like trouble makers will get no money.  If true, this would explain why all farmers are saying the same shit about Trump over and over again:  “Yeah, it hurts now, but I am confident that Dear Leader will get us a great deal in the end.  We just need patience!”

Might be worth a read.

  • May 25, 2019