because I am seeing more and more evidence that political professionals who have access to internal polls are seeing it.

There is chatter that Trump is worried about suffering a loss worse than Carter.

You look at where key people are being deployed  — compare Mike Pence going to SC and Kamala Harris going to TX.

Read between the lines on some of what Mitch says, and apparently he not only thinks Trjump is going to lose, but that he will lose his majority.

Looking at CNN and NBC, we may be seeing evidence of a move all in D direction.

Dems are not ignoring the Upper Midwest —  since Obama and Biden are appearing together in MI on Saturday.

Trump’s statements are becoming more and more unhinged, and thus less and less believable — even to his ardent supporters.

Trump is dissing senatorial candidates likely to lose — he did not call Joni Ernst up in Omaha (IA is just across the river) and he was somewhat dismissive of McSally in AZ tonight.

Wall Street money is tilting heavily to -xxxxxxx-  sorry, towards Biden.

There are even more stories embarrassing — or worse — for Trump that are breaking across multiple media outlets.

The early voting in some key states is now over 50% of registered voters —  by tomorrow, if not tonight, TX will have recorded more votes than were cast in 2016.

Note the following states that have received already 70% of votes recorded in 2016 as of earlier this evening, just POSSIBLE competitive states:

  • TX 91.2
  • AZ  74.4
  • NV 71.3
  • MT  80.7
  • FL  72.2
  • GA  75.8
  • NC 76.1
  • WI  51.9
  • MI  48 (but remember Biden & Obama will campaign together there Sat)
  • PA  is only 32.7

BUT  we are seeing if extension of receiving votes being allowed to be counted is being allowed by SCOTUS (not wanting to overrule State courts interpreting State Constitutions and laws — Roberts very strongly that way, and now apparently Kavanaugh as well) does NOT help Rs, and I would argue cutting off counting late arriving ballots may actually more heavily hurt Rs.  What is key is that SCOTUS can recognize that this may be a blowout —  thus even the dissent in the NC case tonight, it was phrased as IF it might make a difference —  if it does not make a difference the appellants do not have standing bc they do not suffer injjry anc SCOTUS will NOT risk its credibility.  My own guess is that Coney Barrett will follow Roberts bc she wants credibility on ACA, but her vote might not matter.

we are seeing results of activity for registering voters in TX and GA, and turning out Native Americans in AZ.

Go ahead.

TRY to talk me down.


  • October 29, 2020