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Think about this when you are deciding whether or not to vote in Ga

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I have had a very hard week this past week.   I heard two weeks ago about my classmate Willard was being hospitalized in my hometown with Covid.   I have lost several classmates up there 

The picture above is my classmates Willard and Gail who had an only child who lost her grandmother to Covid three weeks ago and then lost her parents on Thanksgiving day.   I lost another classmate earlier in the month.  I have at least 10 people I know in Georgia with Covid.  All in the same family.   

Gail was a school nurse but I feel she was around someone who was not distancing or masking up.  We are all in danger and will continue to be but we need those Ga. senators to help President Elect Biden get us on the road to recovery.

I am angry, so very angry that there is so much blood on the hands of the puritan voters who sat out the 2016 election and those legislators who won’t even admit Joe Biden is our 46th president.  These

superspreaders and selfish people who are running around like it is 1990 and no pandemic are just beyond stupid….they are accessory to murder and it looks to me like some could be held on sedition.

Vote because that vote may just keep you alive,

My only surving uncle died Thursday of a heart attack and his daughter works for the CDC and she too is an only daughter,  Their deaths were not covid related but Covid affected the family as my cousin could not get to work for the illness in the family and keeping her elderly parents safe and away from the deadly virus.  Her Mother had a stroke.   These are truly dark days but Georgia, you are being hit hard just like Florida and other states.  YOU have a chance to make things better.  VOTE !

Georgia may the only hope for this country to pull back from the devastation we have and still endure.…  See video of their hands held as they leave together on the same day.

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