So I think we need to make clear the things where you have to know exactly how to pay for something and things where — hey, we’ll find the money — Chill (WFTMC)



Tax Cuts

Bailing out banks

Bailing out insurances comapnies

Rich people who lose things in calamaties


More Wars

Presidential Golf Trips

Trump’s Secret Service


Homeland Security

Tax Cuts

Wars (there are a lot of wars)


Projects for big defense contractors

Tax Breaks (different from cuts)

Anything John McCain wants to do.

Things you do have to care about paying for (and its disastrous if you don’t know immediately how you are going to pay for it).

Medicare for All.

The media has been all over this (and some people on DailyKos!!) so don’t sweat it if your afraid some people might not understand the difference