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Things You Can Count On In Tomorrow Night's Democratic Presidential Debate.

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New Gallup data shows a possible path to victory for Bernie Sanders

I think there will be certain things that are predictable for tomorrow night’s Democratic presidential debate.  

  • You know you suck as a moderator when you get panned by both Democrats and Fox “News.”  And I am talking about Bothsiderist Chuck Todd.  Seriously, I don’t normally pay any attention to Fox, but this take down of Todd is…just well…Have a look:

All eyes will be on moderator Chuck Todd during Wednesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate after he was widely criticized for expecting short answers to longwinded questions when NBC News and MSNBC hosted a debate last summer.

Lester Holt, Hallie Jackson and Todd will join Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston and Telemundo’s Vanessa Hauc as moderators. But Todd – who was recently called out by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for evoking Nazis when he suggested that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are part of a “digital brownshirt brigade” – will be under a microscope following his last debate performance.

DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News that NBC's last debate — where Holt and Todd were joined by Jose Diaz-Balart, Savannah Guthrie and Rachel Maddow — was poorly executed and plagued with everything from technical issues to Todd talking over candidates…

Todd’s last performance was widely panned by people on both sides of the aisle, with many teasing him for expecting short answers to long questions. Shareblue Media senior writer Oliver Willis called Todd “the worst” and Slate published a story headlined, “It was almost a good debate until Chuck Todd mucked it up.”

“I have my doubts that NBC learned enough from last summer's poor performance to provide the nation's voters with a real solid debate.”
— Jeffrey McCall

Slate’s Justin Peters nicknamed the NBC News host “logorrheic Chuck Todd” and labeled him the event’s biggest loser. The New York Times TV critic James Poniewozik tweeted, “For someone who loves one-word answers, Chuck Todd asks long questions.”

Even liberal “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert made fun of Todd, putting on a faux goatee and begging “please don’t talk too much, OK? You’re not Chuck Todd, I am.”

I am expecting something awful out of Todd.  

  • There will be GOP talking points, especially on economic and budgetary issues.  For the billionth time, Warren and Sanders will be asked how they will pay for Medicare for All?  This question will not be asked of the moderates.  Biden will use this question to state the GOP talking point that Medicare for All will cost $32 trillion dollars!  Buttigieg, Biden, and Klobuchar will claim they can provide healthcare for way less cost.  And they will let Bloomberg get away with the taking credit for healthcare initiatives by the state government for his own.
  • This will tie into the moderators being all concerned about the national budget deficit and middle class taxes going up.  More GOP talking points.  if this does come up, watch Buttigieg became Mr. Austerity without acknowledging that he is Mr. Austerity.  However, it is Bloomberg who will try on the Granny Killer moniker that Paul Ryan had.  Bloomberg was all for the Cat Food Commission.
  • Besides obvious GOP talking points questions, Todd and the others will do their damndest to incite a gladiatorial death match among the Democrats.  Sadly, I think we will need some punches thrown between the candidates at this point.  The Democrats need to show some toughness, and one way to do that is to take down your opponents.  It doesn’t have to be the professional wrestling matches like the Media wants, but most of the Democratic candidates have shied away from brass knuckles, with the exception of Amy Klobuchar.  But as with past debates, they are never really bloody.
  • Bloomberg should be a target of all the other candidates, but given their oblique attacks on one another — exception Klobuchar, I just don’t think they will want to knee Bloomberg in the groin.  I could be wrong, but I think that Bloomberg would be a good stand in for Trump bashing practice.  The other Democrats are going to be drowned in media buys from Bloomberg, and I think this would be a good chance for them to practice some take downs of Bloomberg that would get through Bloomberg’s Media shield.  The eventual Democratic nominee will have to face a similar situation with Trump.
  • I expect some sexist questions for Warren and Klobuchar.
  • There will be few questions on the global climate change crisis.  They won’t even use the word crisis on this issue.
  • It’s possible that questions about racial justice will be asked, but I predict that the candidates with the worst records on racial issues will lie their asses off.  Odds are there will be no follow up to catch candidates in their lies.  And yes, we have Democrats with less than stellar records on racial issues, and several of them have obfuscated or not answered pertinent questions on race and racism.
  • There will probably be another question of how the candidates will appeal to Trump voters and unite the country.  Note to moderators:  the country has never really been united.  There is always a sizable minority that is not satisfied with how things are.  

That is about all I can think of for now.  I’m sure you all can point out other things that are asked or stated time and time again during these so called debates.

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