I’m not in the Lexington area of KY — I live in Louisville in KY-3rd, but it looks like there is something going on in the KY-6th Congressional District race between Republican incumbent Andy Barr and Democratic challenger Amy McGrath.  First up, there are the multiple opening salvos from Congressman Barr:

Earlier this week, U.S. Rep. Andy Barr launched an ad calling McGrath a feminist who is pro-choice and too liberal for Central Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District. It was quickly followed by three more ads attacking McGrath from the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican political action committee. The ads criticized McGrath on immigration and taxes, while tying her to national Democrats.

Eeewwww.  Femininst.  Pro-Abortion.  Doesn’t want to buid a stupid border wall.

And THREE other ads also dropped on Amy McGrath.  I’d say someone has some concerns about keeping his seat in Congress, but what do I know?

How has Amy McGrath responded?  She cut her own ad in response:

And she released this statement:

“This week — three months from Election Day — Congressman Barr and his Washington allies launched four simultaneous attack ads against me. Four of them. At the same time,” McGrath said in a statement. “But I’m calling B.S. on the usual way of responding. It’s time for a new generation of leaders who aren’t afraid to go against the grain and run a campaign that the voters can be proud of.”

Yeah, it is part of the “Let’s not be a part of going along with Nancy Pelosi” routine, but I’m more than willing to let that slide.  And she did point out in her ad that Barr has a 98% voting record with Trump and his fellow Republicans.  And I think it is a good counter to the BS argument that “If you elect a Democrat, OH LORD NANCY PELOSI WILL RETURN TO POWER!”  At least in the ad, McGrath apprears to be turning the argument around and calling Barr a wuss.

You know it might work because the local paper in Lexington is calling the ad, “unconvential.”  And McGrath has another point that the DCCC was all in for Gray who she beat in the primary, so she is not the DCCC’s choice for this seat.  And I don’t see her running from Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Grimes who ran for the Senate back in 2014 was doing her best to hide the fact she voted for Obama, and it hurt her among base voters.