They're At It Again: The NRA is Taking Aim at Shannon Watts

Yes, those lovely people over at the NRA have decided that they've had enough of Shannon Watts, the public face of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  Their new strategy to blunt the effects of this gun-control group seems to be attacking the leader on a personal basis.  Not for what she says.  Not for her position on the issues.  They've decided to go for the gutter and attack this woman's claim that she's a “stay-at-home mom”.

Which is true, but not QUITE true enough for the NRA.  Seems that she's not a TRUE Scotsman in their eyes.  How does one accomplish this smear tactic?  Ah, for the answer to this (and probably no other questions) you'll have to read the part pasty the squiggly-jiggly.