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They Did Nazi That Coming. Utah School Admins on Leave After Allowing Nazi Cosplay in School Parade.

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The Hill

“A Utah principal and teacher were placed on leave after allowing a student to wear a Nazi costume in the Halloween parade.

A photo circulated online Friday of a child dressed in tan pants and a brown shirt with a red armband with a black swastika for the Halloween parade at Creekside Elementary School in Kaysville, Utah, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. The elementary school, a part of Davis School District, teaches kindergarteners through sixth graders.

Several parents at the parade expressed concern about why the costume was allowed in the parade, according to local TV station ABC4

…The school district released a statement after the photo came out, saying it apologizes and is investigating the incident.

“The Davis School District apologizes for what took place yesterday,” ABC4 reported the statement stated. “It does not tolerate speech, images or conduct that portray or promote hate in any form. The district is taking the matter very seriously and is investigating every aspect of the situation. The principal and teacher have been placed on paid administrative leave.””

Strange that a principal and teacher were not aware of this policy and action was only taken after the photos caught fire on social media…

Funny how that works.

Guess this knocks their “Bring a Klansman to School Day” plans right in the head…

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