They are going with the doppelganger theory


I can’t take credit for this.  It comes from Atrios. But when I read it I laughed and I cried.  But the Republicans are now using a Twilight Zone episode (it was a very good episode) to help get Kavanaugh off the hook.  Think this is hyperbole? Read this from Josh Marshall. Ed Whelan, I even know his name, is claiming it was somebody else who attempted to rape Dr. Ford. Another lawyer from the Federalist society.  Is this like a Godfather type thing where he had a debt and some Republicans promised to take care of his family if he took the rap.  As Josh says, this is nuts.

So now I know how all this is going to end. Dr. Ford sees Kavanaugh in a bus station. Then she runs outside and she sees a doppelganger of herself sitting next to a doppelganger of Kavanaugh.  Grassley enters from the side. “This is how we settle things in the Grassley zone. There was actually two of the both of them. So we need to hurry up and vote.” Dooo, doooo, dooo, dooo